What is meant by custom-made furniture???

Custom-made furniture actually refers to the pieces that craftsmen build in accordance to the customer’s specifications. It allows one to make decisions on the choice of colour, type of material used, designs and finishes.

A custom-made furniture does not necessarily mean handmade… rather, it means that instead of being made according to the present design, it’s bespoke and designed specifically meeting the client’s need, desires and demands. This can also mean that a design is first drawn or sketched and then imputed into the machine for production. Or as is more often the case, parts of the said furniture are handmade by a craftsman for the ultimate quality workmanship.


Inner Art Interiors is a brand by itself, we are an interior and architectural based company which also specializes in proffering customized furniture tailored to individual requirements and adapted to personal style along with end to end interior solutions for homes, offices and the hospitality industry. At Inner Art Interiors, the artisans combines experience, skilled labour and innovative technology for the acquisition of the perfect balance of high-level design and expert craftsmanship. We ensure that the quality of our custom made piece fulfils each aspect of requirement.



We firmly believe that the advanced technology means that personalized furnishings can be produced inexpensively & availed promptly. We make it easy for our customers to configure their furniture themselves. Beyond just helping customers get their stuff personalized , Inner Art always emphasis on creating awareness about the fact of customized furniture having great advantages. Unlike the mass-manufactured furniture you find in the stores, the custom furniture has the benefit of beings durable and if very high quality.


The manufacturing part at Inner Art Interiors isn’t that of rushed…. Each and every individual part of the furniture item is individually checked to ensure the best fit. Often the furniture purchased from store is made on the cheap frame which is not worthy of withholding the test of time. We let you have the custom made furniture ensuring a strong frame and high- quality material use… that might even be self-selected and handpicked by the customer.

Our modular office furniture system manufacturer specializes in office chairs, workstation, open plan office system and open plan office partitions. Artisans at Inner Art Interiors help customers to get a combination of the luxurious yet functional office system furniture pieces to enhance your working environment. We always focus on reflecting comfort and luxury through our office system furniture designs.


Inner Art Interiors help you live your vision of a modern stylish office space embellished with quality office furniture. We help you in customizing a wide selection of refined office products ranging from : desks, tables, chairs, cabinets, storage, filing cabinets, work-stations, conference tables and much more. We strive to be your go to source for the top quality furniture whilst offering with a solution to transform your traditional spaces into modern workplaces.

Thus, we always help you bring productivity and creativity to your work space, with the perfect solution that you have always been waiting for….!!!!


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