Customized Furniture

Customized Office Furniture

When some one visits a certain commercial place like an office or café for instance, the first thing that they get attracted to, is Obviously the interiors and its furniture.

Furniture is indeed a very important part of Interior designing and really flaunts the beauty of the place’s interiors.

When  the point comes of choosing the furniture for your work place its when your mind gets boggled, confusing you on the selection accordingly. There might be various furniture retailers in the country, but Inner Art Interiors promises you finding the best that suits your space!

There are countless elements that makes, uniquely you. This is where Inner Art Interiors love helping you express your identity and work style through their self-made customized based furniture collection.

We specialize in designing innovative workplace design, upbringing the modern pulse to the office space with sleek designs and trendy details.

The sizes, configurations, colours and materials of nearly every design are available as per the customer’s choice. From made to order furniture to  ergonomic welcome desk, lounge seating, executive tables, working desk and storage cabinets etc. It’s simply all about helping you to create a truly personal work space that matches your style and budget.

 Inner Art Interiors creates an office layout which looks great while meeting up all the needs of your business through their self-made custom office furniture. The manufactured furniture is not only durable and functional but also looks great whilst maximising floor space.

Our wellexperienced designers provide the customer with detail space planning and available customized design options, resulting in the office furniture that would fit in the client’s work space layout and modelling the interiors of the office more prolific

custom made office furniture
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Custom Made Home Furniture

The custom self made furniture is considered to be one of the ultimate solution in hone décor, where  the quality of the furniture is under your control and makes the use of best possible material. Inner Art Interiors is showcasing its excellency in creating customized furniture for your house to make it a beautiful home.

These custom made furniture are designed and manufactured keeping in mind the room theme and size as per your assurance.These custom based furniture not only provides you a better quality and durability but also gives the actual awareness about the product.

The well-experienced team of design experts and master artisans at  Inner Art are qualifiedly trained in making any style of furniture you wish to choose, including classic, contemporary, modern or islamic. It lets you express your personal style while focusing in the combination of selected elements, style and affordability.

At Inner Art all the custom made furniture are made and designed individually trying to meet up the need that suits and compliment your home and lifestyle. Offering you an experience in exclusivity.

Our in- house managers work together employing an assortment of the finest designs, materials, upholstery and finishes to create the piece of furniture just the way you want it to be. We completely personalised your furniture and ensure the uniqueness of your piece marking it stand out from others in every possible way that you wish for depicting your personality and way of living.

Inner Art interiors in its designing phase first sketch the furniture, styling in terms of the client’s desire. Then demands the customer to pick material like wood from the variety, to endure it an elegant solid look. The upholstery is then chosen from rich assortment of fabrics to compliment the furniture and its living space. Finally the look and the feel of the piece is accoladed with the best finishes.

Hence our custom based furniture is tailored exactly to your needs and taste, and not forget to mention in the spectrum of beautiful colours. You can simply trust that everything that you select is carefully considered and produced with detailed special attention. In short customized home furniture with InnerArt Interiors have simplified your interiors solution, whether its creating a custom sofa, a personalised chair, a bed set or designing an entire dinning area.