When you hear the word ‘Bed’…. Words like sleep, relax, comfort, cozy…etc starts popping up in your mind! Why is that so?
Its simple because the Beds are one of the most important pieces of furniture in the home – people do spend approximately one-third of their lives in them after all. Nothing affects your daily performance more than sleep, and we all know how difficult it can be to function after a restless night.
After a long day of hectic work when a person comes home to get relax the soothing things that attracts him/ her is the bed. Thus the bed being the most important furniture should not only be possessing designs and crafts but also the real comfort level!

The history of bed goes back far beyond 1000’s of years…. Where, the early beds were a little more than the piles of straw or heap of natural materials like palm leaves, animal’s skin or dried brackens.
In all these cases, the important part was the raising of it from ground in order to avoid drafts, dirt or pests!

In today’s competent world the bed are vastly verified, now coming in various sizes, types, shapes, frames, quality, textures and much more!
When anyone wishing to go for the purchase or a new bed or to make it customize they are unaware of the fact in the variety available!
Inner Art Interiors take an initiative to provide its prestigious clients with the facts of variations available, so that the customers self-enhance their most comfort giving furniture article with the best knowledge!
With the help of this guide, we intend to discuss the different options you have on the basis of style, design, size, and material.
There are a lots of matters to be considered and look upon when you choose to create a bed. Do you want a bed with extra storage or the one that itself is easily stored?? Do you want to design a bed with a fancy headboard or may opt to go along with a simple frame???
Considering your current bedroom décor help to find a perfect bed to match!

So next time any client enters the market with the desire of customizing a nee bed, don’t settle for a simple design, use our guide lines to get a perfect bed self designed as per the needs of your home and lifestyle!
When you foremost important step in attempt to personalise a design for making your own bed is the type of size. The size of a bed varies in accordance to the area size of the space where the bed would rest. The size comes from the largest king size double bed to smallest twin bed or even a queen bed and a single bed, wholly depending upon your needs!

Now that your now what bed size you are will to get, it’s time to select the design of your bed. These designs may include styles like poster beds, canopy beds ( traditional or contemporary), open frame beds, round shaped bed, divan, ottoman bed, panel bed, tester bed, upholstered bed, lightened bed and much more….
In addition to the design comes the style you would like to pick or choose to match your interiors in case you room have some special aesthetics!
These styles vary from traditional bed, rustic bed, country bed, modern bed, industrial bed, retro bed, mission-style bed, cottage bed, mid-century style bed and much more meeting up the demands of the room theme and style!
Don’t forget the best bed style is the one that compliments your home and existing furniture.
Besides you opting to customise your bed according to certain theme or design description…. A bed is also based and shaped differently by the selection of its frame…
The ranges in frame designing of the bed includes: standard bed frame, simple bed frame, metal bed frame, wooden frame, brass frame, upholstered frame, adjustable bed frame, platform frame, ornate frames, wrought iron bed frame, wingback bed frame, sleigh bed frame, slat bed frame, spindle bed frame!

Apart from these there are even various options available in designing the bed for your kids…. You may select types such as: single bed, bunk bed, triple bunk bed, trundle bed, built-in bunk bed, loft bed, car bed, novelty bed or any other animated theme based bed …..

Inner Art knows best that a bedroom should be the most relaxing place giving you a retreat from the daily hustle and bustle!!!
A lot goes into finding the right bed, as you must weigh-in several factors that affect the overall functionality and performance. There by, Inner Art Interiors have pin pointed different types and styles of bed and bed frames so that you can self- customise the best bed for your comfort, rest and rejuvenation needs, whilst keeping in mind; being the natural focal point, the selection of a bed defines your bedroom’s overall look and feel! Long story short, it’s not an easy decision to make, even though you may have some ideas.

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