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Beoreo minimal and creative


We have created a lot of pages to show you the potential of Beoreo WordPress Theme. You can check all our pages from the menu but we take the time to choose some of the Homepage Demo you should check to see the power of Beoreo by yourself

[demo_item demo_image=”3381″ title=”HOMEPAGE 01″ demo_link=”” btn_label=”VIEW DETAIL”][demo_item demo_image=”3385″ title=”HOMEPAGE 05″ demo_link=”” btn_label=”VIEW DETAIL”][demo_item demo_image=”3389″ title=”HOMEPAGE 09″ demo_link=”” btn_label=”VIEW DETAIL”][demo_item demo_image=”3393″ title=”HOMEPAGE 13″ demo_link=”” btn_label=”VIEW DETAIL”]
[demo_item demo_image=”3382″ title=”HOMEPAGE 02″ demo_link=”” btn_label=”VIEW DETAIL”][demo_item demo_image=”3386″ title=”HOMEPAGE 06″ demo_link=”” btn_label=”VIEW DETAIL”][demo_item demo_image=”3390″ title=”HOMEPAGE 10″ demo_link=”” btn_label=”VIEW DETAIL”][demo_item demo_image=”3394″ title=”HOMEPAGE 14″ demo_link=”” btn_label=”VIEW DETAIL”][demo_item demo_image=”3398″ title=”HOMEPAGE 18″ demo_link=”” btn_label=”VIEW DETAIL”]
[demo_item demo_image=”3383″ title=”HOMEPAGE 03″ demo_link=”” btn_label=”VIEW DETAIL”][demo_item demo_image=”3387″ title=”HOMEPAGE 07″ demo_link=”” btn_label=”VIEW DETAIL”][demo_item demo_image=”3391″ title=”HOMEPAGE 11″ demo_link=”” btn_label=”VIEW DETAIL”][demo_item demo_image=”3395″ title=”HOMEPAGE 15″ demo_link=”” btn_label=”VIEW DETAIL”]
[demo_item demo_image=”3384″ title=”HOMEPAGE 04″ demo_link=”” btn_label=”VIEW DETAIL”][demo_item demo_image=”3388″ title=”HOMEPAGE 08″ demo_link=”” btn_label=”VIEW DETAIL”][demo_item demo_image=”3392″ title=”HOMEPAGE 12″ demo_link=”” btn_label=”VIEW DETAIL”][demo_item demo_image=”3396″ title=”HOMEPAGE 16″ demo_link=”” btn_label=”VIEW DETAIL”][demo_item demo_image=”3397″ title=”HOMEPAGE 17″ demo_link=”” btn_label=”VIEW DETAIL”]
Beoreo minimal and creative


Let’s bring to your users, members and admins login to your site with professionally looking fully customizable and responsive modal pop-up with login form accessible from anywhere on your site

Beoreo minimal and creative


If you want to create an e-commerce Website we have you covered, we have integrated a full design for the awesome eCommerce plugin WooCommerce. Make sure to check our Shop Homepage demo, also we are still planning to integrate new design !


The Bearsthemes Team pride ourselves on supporting our customers.

Beoreo comes with top-notch support, and lifetime updates with newly requested features from our users. We are already working on the next update of Beoreo, it is becoming more awesome day by day. We care about your site as much as you do, which is why we back up our themes with 100% free support.

Beoreo minimal and creative

Optimized For Mobile Devices

Beoreo is Retina Ready, we only use sharp retina graphics ! Your website will always looks beautiful on all Retina-Displays and other High-Resolution Screens. All theme assets are Retina Ready so no need to worry!

[service_box style=”style2″ icon=”fa fa-eye” title=”RENTINA READY” desc=”” btn_label=”” btn_link=””]Your website will always looks bea- utiful on any devices.[/service_box]
[service_box style=”style2″ icon=”fa fa-navicon” title=”MOBILE MENU” desc=”” btn_label=”” btn_link=””]We give you the possibility to easy custom the Mobile Menu.[/service_box]
[service_box style=”style2″ icon=”fa fa-hand-o-up” title=”SWIPE READY” desc=”” btn_label=”” btn_link=””]The users can easily go through your site even from mobiles[/service_box]
[service_box style=”style2″ icon=”fa fa-toggle-on” title=”MOBILE DESIGN” desc=”” btn_label=”” btn_link=””]You will be able to custom the app- earance of the mobile design.[/service_box]
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Beoreo minimal and creative


Beoreo comes with a lot of features, we have so many of them it would take you too much time to read about our features! We decided to make a quick list of the main features, check the pages to see the features in action

[service_box style=”style1_1″ icon=”pe-7s-science” title=”Visual Composer” desc=”” btn_label=”” btn_link=””]Beoreo comes with the Visual Composer Plugin. You won’t need to code or to remember any shortcodes with our Theme.[/service_box]
[service_box style=”style1_1″ icon=”pe-7s-rocket” title=”SEO Ready” desc=”” btn_label=”” btn_link=””]Beoreo is well coded and it will make it easy for you to get it SEO ready. Beoreo is compatible with any plugins up to date and always will.[/service_box]
[service_box style=”style1_1″ icon=”pe-7s-photo-gallery” title=”Revolution Slider” desc=”” btn_label=”” btn_link=””]Beoreo comes with the Awesome Revolution Slider, you’ll be able to create the best slider ever, check our homepages for examples.[/service_box]
[service_box style=”style1_1″ icon=”pe-7s-monitor” title=”Fully Responsive” desc=”” btn_label=”” btn_link=””]Beoreo is a responsive WP Theme, that means that it will always looks good even if you are viewing it from a Smartphone or Tablet[/service_box]
[service_box style=”style1_1″ icon=”pe-7s-diamond” title=”Typography” desc=”” btn_label=”” btn_link=””]You can change Beoreo typography easily from our powerful theme options. You can choose custom Google fonts for all elements[/service_box]
[service_box style=”style1_1″ icon=”pe-7s-edit” title=”Theme Options” desc=”” btn_label=”” btn_link=””]Beoreo comes with a super powerful Theme options panel, you will be able to change color, layout, anything you want in one click![/service_box]
[service_box style=”style1_1″ icon=”pe-7s-albums” title=”Header Style” desc=”” btn_label=”” btn_link=””]Beoreo comes with 05 different header style, for each style you can change the color, make it transparent, change position.[/service_box]
[service_box style=”style1_1″ icon=”pe-7s-menu” title=”Mega Menu” desc=”” btn_label=”” btn_link=””]With Beoreo you can set a Mega menu super easily, add icons or widget if you want, no need to worry about having a lot of pages.[/service_box]
[service_box style=”style1_1″ icon=”pe-7s-paint” title=”Unlimited Colors” desc=”” btn_label=”” btn_link=””]Don’t like green or blue, don’t worry with Beoreo all the colors of anything you see can be changed super easily.[/service_box]
[service_box style=”style1_1″ icon=”pe-7s-download” title=”Import One Click” desc=”” btn_label=”” btn_link=””]If you don’t know where to start and like our pages you can Import our Demo dummy content in one-click.[/service_box]
[service_box style=”style1_1″ icon=”pe-7s-paper-plane” title=”Section Backgrounds” desc=”” btn_label=”” btn_link=””]With Beoreo you can easily create Section with colored background, image background or even video background.[/service_box]
[service_box style=”style1_1″ icon=”pe-7s-help2″ title=”Quickly To Support” desc=”” btn_label=”” btn_link=””]Read the documentation but still got a question, a problem or just have some feedback for us do not hesitate to contact us![/service_box]


We can assure you that you won't regret it
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